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Ending Homelessness Worldwide by 2040

The NOAH Foundation vision is a 'For Purpose Company' with a vision to to end homelessness globally by 2040. The NOAH Foundation believe a paradigm shift is required to end homelessness, which can be achieved by;

  1. Self funding billions of dollars annually, achieved by leveraging advanced technology to create a global e-Retail and Crowd Funding tool that will generate 'sustainable income', supporting repeatable and scalable homeless activities
  2. Ensuring all income is focused on Education, Shelters, Housing, Farming and global repeatable homeless best practices
  3. Globally unifying and sharing homeless best practices, providing a unified homeless library and tool kit
  4. Focusing on resolving the core issues within society that lead to youth homelessness, starting with building family social values,

To learn more regarding our strategy to End Homelessness click here

A paradigm shift is required

Thousands of organisations have been trying for the last 50 years to end homelessness, it is far from resolved!

We need to consider and resolve the total issues to address who is homeless and why. To learn more click here

How you can help

We are working on the four step strategy to end homelessness. We will be seeking volunteers from all over the world from mid 2014 to help with the Unification strategies, To learn more click here

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